Sweden’s Minister for Infrastructure Visits WMU

Malmo, Sweden – 27 January 2016 -  Ms. Anna Johansson, Sweden’s Minister for Infrastructure, was welcomed to WMU on 27 January by Dr. Cleopatra Doumbia-Henry, WMU President. The purpose of the visit was to renew the operating agreement between WMU and the host country of Sweden and also provided the opportunity for Minister Johansson to meet Mr. Kitack Lim, Secretary-General of the International Maritime Organization and WMU Chancellor who was also visiting WMU.

Following a meeting with the Chancellor and President, Ms. Johansson addressed the students, faculty and staff of WMU and remarked that in attending IMO General Assembly this past November, she met many IMO delegates who were alumni of WMU with incredible knowledge and positive memories of their time in Sweden. She stated that “Sweden has had the privilege of hosting WMU for over 30 years and the reasons Sweden hosts the University are very easy to understand. As an export-oriented country, shipping is vital to our industries and requires good relations with all countries. Sweden is proud to have hosted graduates from so many countries who are now holding important positions in maritime and other sectors.”

In speaking to WMU’s role regarding the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda, Minster Johansson highlighted Sweden’s support for Goal 14 of the UN SDGs stating, “We need to see urgent action to break the current downward trend of the sustainable development of oceans and seas and at the same time enable economic potential to be realized in harmony with nature. Our generation cannot escape responsibility when it comes to ensuring that development is always done in a sustainable manner. I can confirm that with oceans and maritime issues at the top of the international agenda, the knowledge and education here at WMU is probably more important than ever before.”

In thanking the Minister for visiting WMU, President Doumbia-Henry stated, “We are pleased to continue over thirty years of cooperation with the Government of Sweden since WMU was founded in 1983. Our students have found Sweden to be a welcoming and inspiring host country and we are proud that our more than 4,000 graduates from 166 countries also serve as ambassadors of Sweden and Malmö. Through WMU, Sweden is also contributing to sustainable development. Its financial support to the University translates into an investment in people supporting countries to build and improve their maritime infrastructure. We now want to help them build oceans capacity. We are grateful to Sweden for making that possible.”




World Maritime University

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