Resolution on Urging Ratification of HNS Protocol Adopted on May 11, 2016

by the IAPH Board of Directors at IAPH Mid-term Ports Conference in Panama

BEING AWARE that IAPH adopted during its 28th IAPH World Ports Conference in Los Angeles, USA, on May 9, 2013, its resolution on Urging Ratification of HNS Convention and which resolution is attached to this resolution;

RECOGNIZING that transport of HNSi Cargo is growing and even increases in significance in the maritime sector and that a financial compensation and liability regime for the damage due to accidents while transporting HNS cargoes is essential in the context of completing the framework of international compensation and liability regimes in relation to sea borne transport;

RECOGNIZING FURTHER that the ratification and entering into force of the HNS Protocolii is pivotal in closing this compensation and liability framework;

BEING AWARE that at its 101st session in April 2014, The IMO Legal Committee established an HNS Correspondence Group in order to provide a forum for discussion and information sharing, whilst at its 102nd session of the Legal Committee in April 2015 it was agreed to extend the mandate in order to continue a dialogue among States and industry stakeholders working towards the HNS Convention and Protocol into force;

BEING FURTHER AWARE that despite the persistent effort of the HNS Correspondence Group still so far no progression in the ratification process is developing;

BEING FURTHER AWARE that the report on the work carried out by the HNS Corresponden

On a proposal duly seconded, it is unanimously resolved that

  • IAPH strongly appreciates the persistent work carried out by IMO’s Correspondence Group under the leadership of Canada by providing a forum for an exchange of views for implementation issues and seeking at global level a coordinated approach to ratification, accession or acceptance, guidance and assistance on issues regarding the implementation and operation of the HNS Convention and Protocol as such;
  • Encourages IMO to have the Correspondence Group proceed its work and by focusing on a timeframe aimed at a coordinated effort among States in order to have the critical mass trigger for its entry into force.